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The Upper Crust

The Upper Crust

with Kari Minnick (US)

The surface is the entry to a work of art. It can stop you in your tracks or lead a viewer into the layers below. It’s the part you want to touch. Using unusual applications of Bullseye sheet glass, powder, stringer and frit, in conjunction with multiple firings, you will learn strategies to enable rich textural surfaces and depth for fused glass.

In this workshop, students will extensively explore texture on fused glass pieces. Texture can occur literally on the top surface of the glass or be implied in layers within. We will be concerned mostly with texture that is achieved using glass materials and temperature rather than machines (cold working). Time permitting, we may also use cold working processes for finishing work.

Kiln firing is a creative process in itself. With careful attention to time, temperature and mass, and multiple firings, we will attain a variety of textures on the same surface. Both sides of the glass will be considered. Using a variety of glass products in conjunction with wet and dry processes, students will create texture from silky surfaces to high relief.

Skill Level – Prior experience in fusing / casting is advantageous.

Past Courses

  • Fusing- The Upper Crust – Kari Minnick – 14 – 16 September 2016