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Precious Jewellery – on the basis of a Glass Bead

Precious Jewellery – on the basis of a Glass Bead

with Kate Fowle (US)

The focus of this class is to explain the process of electroplating, or the galvanic copper plating of a glass bead. Using prefabricated glass bead as a base, the students will go through the complete process, from applying the conductive paint, preparing and setting of the rectifier and the bath, as well as the monitoring of the electrolytic cycle. Kate Fowle will demonstrate the technique in a clear fashion, so that students will be able to repeat the process after class, in their own studio.

In the latter stages of this class, Kate Fowle will introduce new ways to work with metal foils and enamels in combination with frits and fuming. As always, Kate does not just teach beadmaking, but will guide the students in developing and exploring their own designs to make beautiful glass jewellery.

Basic beadmaking skills required.

Past Courses

  • Beadmaking – Precious Jewellery – Kate Fowle – 1. – 2. September 2014