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New Mokume Gane

New Mokume Gane


Mokume Gane describes a traditional Japanese metal smithing art from the 17th century, mainly used for artistic sword design. The principle lies in layering two different metals and to compress them under high temperature, to fold it and compress it again. Typical for this method are the fantastic patterns, which appear as result of the smithing and hammering process.

In the class we explore, how we can obtain Mokume Gane effect with our metal clays Art Clay Silver and Copper. We mix, layer, texture the clays and discover how we can create our own Mokume Gane patterns.

Of special importance are the firings. The two metals clays have different firings requirements. We show a method, which allows to bring the metal clays together in one firing.

Anna Thaller is a certified New Mokume Gane Instructor.

Good metal clay or polymer clay skills are required.