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Modern Glass Painting Techniques

Modern Glass Painting Techniques

with Joseph Cavalieri (US)

So you think you can`t pain? Or maybe you can?
Either way this workshop is a must!
New York artist Joseph Cavalieri will help you learn, practise and experiment with contemporary painting methods to achieve a multi-part painted panel in just 4 days.

Students will be instructed in many different techniques such as paint brush, quill, air brushing and silk screen printing which can then be combined into one work of art showcasing both hand-drawn and graphic images.
Each student will then be guided to compose and finish their work as a Tiffany style panel.

Joseph Cavalieri is open to all possible input from the attending student and will help everybode to find their individual form of expression

One complete painted panel combined using the Tiffany technique, plus various reference samples

Skill Level
Glass cutting and/or painting skills are advantageous.

Past Courses

  • Fusing – Modern Painting Techniques – Joseph Cavalieri – 9. – 12. March 2016
  • Fusing – Modern Painting Techniques – Joseph Cavalieri – 5. – 8. May 2014