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with Edith Lösch (CH)

This is one of the most popular beadmaking techniques. The effect of the twisted glass threads is unique and receives always the utmost of attention. Latticino is also part of the very traditional Venetian glass processes to achieve elegance and perception of depth glass, i.e. we walk on a path of old mastery and apply this knowledge in a new fashion.

What type of glass is suited for Latticino?
How do control the body of a Latticino ?
How do you obtain the 3D effect
How is the Latticino rod applied on the base bead and how do you deal with the rod ends?
The students will be proud to take home a good handful of beautifully made Lattiino beads.

Skills: Experience at the 2-gas torch is required.

Past Courses

  • Beadmaking – Latticino – Edith Lösch – 23 Juni 2017