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Working without Expectation

Working without Expectation

with Catharine Newell (US)

When we work without attachment to outcome, we are changed by what we make.

Imagine a course in which the students enter an open ended conversation about outcome. They will build a plethora of equally sized single layer elements designed to be assembled in a myriad of ways toward multiple outcomes. Instructor led exploratory exercises will help you to establish a starting point. After that, the sky is the limit! Relevant experimentation with materials and strategies for invention will be strongly encouraged. It will be up to you to decide upon an appropriate combination of assorted processes and materials as you move through this work. Whichever approach you select, you will be guided and supported by consultations, conversations, demos and examples of breakaway making.

This playful workshop has been carefully designed to remind you how to trust yourself to see clearly, work intuitively, risk everything and move confidently forward with ever evolving work.

Past Courses

  • Fusing – Working without Expectation – Catharine Newell – 11 – 13 September 2017
  • Fusing – Working without Expectation – Catharine Newell – 6 – 8 September 2017