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Creative Glass Contest 2020 – Glass and Art Clay

All artists in glass or art clay are invited to participate in the Creative Glass Contest 2020 ‘CREATIVE TIME OUT’.

Each participant can submit a maximum of 2 objects (they can also consist of several parts).  The objects are mainly made of Art Clay Silver (TM) and/or glass. Participants will only submit current (from 2020) and independent creations.
One registration per object. For 2 objects please submit 2 times.

Registration deadline 15.4.2020
Please submit the registration form online only.

Submission of the work
Submissions deadline 15.6.2020
The submission of the work is exclusively online using the submission form.
You upload high quality pictures of your objects in JPG or TIFF format, minimum resolution 300 pixels, maximum 3 photos per object, as well as a short description of the piece.
Please note that the uploaded files must not exceed a total volume of 2MB.

Jury & Exhibition
On the basis of the submitted works, an independent jury of jewellery and glass art experts will nominate 10 works, for which a gallery will be set up online, accessible to all.
The jury selects the jury prize from the top 10, the other prizes are determined by the public.

Per category Glass & Art Clay Silver

  • Jury Prize = Course attendance at Creative Glass worth CHF 500.00
  • 1st public award = studio day at Creative Glass worth CHF 250.00
  • 2nd public award = shopping voucher for Creative Glass worth CHF 150.00

LIVE exhibition September 2020 at Creative Glass in Volketswil
Assuming that the current Corona situation has calmed down by after the summer, we will exhibit the nominated works live at Creative Glass. The artists will be asked to make their works available for a few days. Details will be communicated over the next few months.

Download the guidelines as PDF in FRENCH or ENGLISH

Execution depends on sufficient number of participants