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Shimmering Irids:

Shimmering Irids: Natural Lines

The edge of Bullseye glass sheets are wavy and offer a great starting point for designs with an organic flair.
Align two pieces of Irid glass with a gap in between. Next step is to trace the contours of the wavy glass edge with Color Line Paints in variable linewidths and and distances.

Cut a piece of Tekta Glass to size and fire the piece face-down. This was full-fused at 810°C and then slumped in a Creative Ceramics Mould (No: 958.296) at 650°C


• Two pieces of 3mm Irid with a nice and interesting edge, i.e. 019.1409-31F Light Bronze, Rainbow Irid
• Tekta Glass 3 mm as a base 019.1100-83-48F
• Color Line Pen, Black No. 933.119 with a fine metal tip

866.025 933.0119-1A

Recipe Posted by - 24th February 2014