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Make your own glass: Dots & Lines

Small components like stringers, frit, confetti or powder are applied to a 3mm thick Bullseye Sheet Glass. The piece is fired at approx. 770 – 790°C, which nearly retains the 3 mm glass thickness and allows to cut the piece like any other 3mm glass sheet.  The components can be fused face-up or face-down.


Important: Cut the base glass slightly larger than the size planned in the finished piece.

Fuse frit and/or stringer on to the base glass and let to cool in the kiln. Cut base glass to planned size and combine with the surrounding glass. Fuse composition on a 3 mm Tekta base. Fullfuse at about 815°C. Slump in a second firing at 650°C using Creative Ceramics Slumping Mould no. 958.297 


Material for the square inlays (3 samples):

Baseglass 0124 Red combined with Frit 0216 Cyan grade 03
Baseglass 0124 Red combined with 0216 Stringers Cyan
Baseglass 1009 Ice Clear Reacitve combined with 0116 Stringers Turqoise
Varous colours 3mm  – Surrounding Glasss *
Tekta Glass 3 mm als base

*shown samples used 0100 Black, 0236 Slate Gray, 0421 Petal Pink, 0142 Neo Lavender


Recipe Posted by - 29th August 2014