Creative Glass Network

About Us

Creative Glass is a Swiss company based in Volketswil / Switzerland. It was founded in 1978 by us – Harry Sowersby and Erna Piechna – who are still the owners of the company today. After many years operating as a stained glass studio, creating primarily decorative windows and Tiffany lamps, we changed direction and grew to become the first Swiss retail and wholesale source for the glass artist. Today we supply artists, schools and manufacturers throughout Europe and also overseas.


Embracing Glass as a Whole

We kept growing and expanding our range of techniques and products steadily. In the early 80ies, we had already incorporated the idea of kiln working, which had grown out of the America studio glass development. This new technique became for us an important addition. Together with other techniques such as beadmaking / flameworking, painting, sandblasting and cold working, we can now offer our client a full service in all major disciplines. As the new subjects were always followed by a great demand for information and frequent requests for classes, we decided to add a teaching facility to our organisation.


The Creative Glass School

This teaching facility – founded in 1992 – offers seminars and workshops the professional glass artist as well as the hobbyist a wide range of specialised classes throughout the year. Top artists and specialists from all over the world come to The Creative Glass School to share their expertise with our students. We make an effort to keep a high standard of teaching and a comprehensive infrastructure. Students travel from far away countries to take classes at our facility.


Three Outlets: Switzerland, Austria and UK

The growing demands from outside Switzerland led to the founding of new supply centres. The first was opened in Austria in 1995, four years later the second one in the UK. Both largely embraced the philosophy of the Swiss headquarters, but also made the necessary adjustments to their local market requirements.
The concept of The Creative Glass School was integrated in both outlets from the beginning, helping our new clients to quickly build up a good understanding for materials and processes.


Creative Ceramics

Listening to our clients’ questions and demands made it obvious that the market did not offer a sufficiently wide range of slumping moulds. In 1994, we made a decision to set up a small factory for the manufacturing of high quality slumping and casting moulds. Today Creative Ceramics, a separate company based in Hungary is proud manufacturer of one of the highest quality slumping moulds in the world. The products are distributed in Europe through a network of art glass suppliers, in North America through the glass manufacturer Bullseye as well as others specialized outlets.


Art Clay Silver

This product line was integrated by us in 1999 and has since conquered the European market. We are importer and exclusive distributor in Switzerland and Austria and also supply into France and the UK. We also offer the worldwide applied teaching and certification programme to people who wish to become professional metal clay jewellers or who wish to teach.

In 2012 we organised the irst Swiss Art Clay Festival which was attended by participants from 13 different countries.


Color Line Paints & Pens

In 2013 we took up the manufacturing of a ready to use high firing glass paint. It is a strongly pigmented enamel, entirely lead free, mixed in an organic binder. This is the first time the market offers a ready to use glass paint, to enable the artist to work as freely as he needs, be it for brush stroke application, line drawing, stamping technique, screen printing or airbrushing. Whie the product is already available in many countries, we work to build up a worldwide distribution system.



1978   Foundation of Creative Glass stained glass studio in Zurich

1983   Creative Glass is incorporated, now Creative Glass AG

1992   Move to a larger location in Volketswil near Zurich

1994   Set up of Creative Ceramics mould making factory in Hungary

1995   Opening of Creative Glass outlet in Wels / Austria

1999   Opening of Creative Galss outlet in Rochester / England

2001   Finish of the renovation of the Volketswil / Switzerland location and opening of the new teaching facility

2010   Creative Glass in Rochester / UK more than doubles their space by adding the next door unit

2012   Creative Glass Austria moved into the newly purchased location in Sattledt near Wels

2013   Upstart of manufacturing Color Line Paints & Pens