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Creative Glass is a Swiss multinational corporation headquartered in Volketswil, Switzerland that develop and sell glass products and accessories as well as offering courses on various creative subjects via The Creative Glass School. The company was founded by Harry & Erna-Piechna Sowersby in 1978, in Zürich / Switzerland and incorporated as Creative Glass on January 3, 1983 Read More

Initially the company was a stained glass production studio, creating imitation Tiffany Lamps as well as teaching classes to hobbyists. In the early 1990’s it took a new direction (influenced by American studio glass movement) into kiln formed glass or warm glass. By creating close relationships with manufacturers and artists, Creative Glass was able to have a voice in the development of new products coming to the market and organize seminars/classes that introduced various artists from overseas into Europe.



Make your own glass: Dots & Lines

Small components like stringers, frit, confetti or powder are applied to a 3mm thick Bullseye Sheet Glass. The piece is fired at approx. 770 – 790°C, which nearly retains the 3 mm glass thickness and allows to cut the piece like any other 3mm glass sheet.  The components can be fused face-up or face-down.


Important: ...


Shimmering Irids:

Shimmering Irids: Natural Lines

The edge of Bullseye glass sheets are wavy and offer a great starting point for designs with an organic flair.
Align two pieces of Irid glass with a gap in between. Next step is to trace the contours of the wavy glass edge with Color Line Paints in variable linewidths and and distances.

Cut a piece of Tekta Glass to size and fire the piece face-down. This was ...